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CKT PNEUMATIC,Founded in 2002, the CKT brand was officially registered in 2005.

CKT is a manufacturing company specializing in the development, production, sales and service of pneumatic components.

R & D: The company started with 4V series solenoid valves in 2002, entered the domestic market with KQ series quick couplings and AS series throttle valves in 2005, began to develop multi-series vacuum generators in 2007, and continued to develop various types of vacuum suction cups and suction cup fittings in 2009, 2013 Annual production of multiple series cylinders.

produce: We adhere to the principle of "customer first, continuous improvement, quality first". The company's semi-finished product library has more than 20,000 accessories, and more than 90% of the accessories are produced and processed in the company. The company invested more than 100 imported and domestic equipment, including 23 CNCs, 8 centering machines, 50 CNC lathes of various types, 8 punching machines, 3 injection molding machines, 4 rubber injection machines, and 10 automatic machines. The company has 15 workshops for metalworking, injection molding, injection molding, punching machines, molds, etc. From raw material storage to semi-finished product storage to finished product storage, each link is strictly tested and circulated in accordance with high standards.

Sales: After the establishment of the company, it first promoted the establishment of sales channels in coastal areas across the country. In 2008, an office was established in Changan, Dongguan. Established an office in Shajing, Shenzhen in 2012. In 2014, a sales company was established in Shajing, Shenzhen, responsible for business development and warehousing support services in South China. In 2016, the Suzhou office was established. In 2018, a sales office was established in Zhengzhou, responsible for customer development, technical support and warehousing support services in Henan Province.

Future: The company will expand multiple sales channels and continue to increase investment in research and development.

The company wholeheartedly welcomes new and old customers to visit the factory and negotiate business. We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life and seek common development.

Enterprise Vision

Taking the revitalization of national industry as its own responsibility and creating well-known brands.

Our Mission

Everything is customer-centric, focusing on customer needs, solving customer problems, providing more efficient and energy-saving pneumatic products, and continuously creating higher economic value for customers.

Corporate values

Achieve customers, team achievements, integrity and responsibility, advocating innovation and professionalism.

Corporate purposes

Efficient management, professional technology, product focus, and perfect service.

Corporate style

Harmony, integrity, efficiency and innovation.

Corporate Strategy

Technology modernization, market diversification, meticulous production and scientific management.

Employment principle

Moral character first, ability second.

Management philosophy

People-oriented, adhere to principles.

Market philosophy

There is no market that can't enter, no customers who can't communicate.


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